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May 6, 2017

Bee-Clene has been my go to cleaning service for many years. Owner, Patty is personable, easy to talk to and she communicates! I have sent her crews to clean move-out rentals for some of my clients, and I have used here cleaning services (windows included) here at my home.

Her efficient workers are polite and pleasant to have around.

Jane Story, Owner
Handyman Co-op

Commercial Cleaning Services For Your Unique Business Needs

Are you responsible for the cleanliness of your business? If so, you may consider hiring a janitorial cleaning company. Outsourcing commercial cleaning services provide many benefits for your workplace.

First, because cleaning is time-consuming, it is not the best use of time for your employees. They have more important duties than cleaning. Also, a professional company uses proper sanitation methods that your staff may not know. As a result, your office will be far cleaner. Furthermore, a janitorial service knows how to clean furniture and flooring properly. Lastly, regular cleanings prolong the life of your fixtures and flooring.
If you are in need of commercial janitorial services, call us. Because Bee-Clene has provided office cleaning services throughout Santa Cruz County since 1998, we have the knowledge and experience to make your business look its best.
Our trained cleaners are detailed, focusing on cleaning your office from top to bottom. Dusting and routine cleaning will make your common areas and lobbies clean and inviting for your customers. We follow proper guidelines to ensure the sanitation of kitchens and restroom facilities in your workplace. As a result, your office will be a more enjoyable, healthier environment.

Best of all, your clean business will boost employee morale and productivity.
Call to schedule your free consultation today. Bee-Clene will establish a detailed cleaning program designed specifically for your business. We will work with you based on a cleaning schedule, budget, and business size to find the perfect match for your cleaning needs.

A Dirty Office Loses Money For Your Company

First impressions count. Because of this, a clean, maintained business is necessary. An immaculate space is inviting and impacts customer service in a positive way.
Cleanliness and order help people feel at ease. If clients are meeting you for the first time in a cluttered, dirty space, they will assess you based upon your disorganization. Regardless if it is a fair assessment, you risk the chance of losing a potential client.
Don't let an unsightly office stop you from growing your business. Bee-Clene can get your business in order.

A Clean Business Means That Everyone Wins

A dirty work environment can cause serious health issues for your employees. Harmful bacteria thrive in offices that are not cleaned frequently and can impact your employees' health.
When carpets are not vacuumed regularly, and blinds are dirty, there is a buildup of dust, which may affect many employees. Dust intensifies allergies, causes headaches and can trigger severe symptoms in asthma sufferers.
You may also be interested to know that employees have a difficult time working in a messy, unorganized environment. Studies show that it is harder for employees to focus on tasks and more difficult to process information.
A small investment in a commercial cleaning service will contribute to the bottom line, as a clean office helps to increase employee productivity and better office morale.
If you are worried about these problems in your work environment, call us at Bee-Clene. Working with our cleaning team on a regular basis will ensure a clean, sanitized office, thus happier, healthier employees.


In addition to routine janitorial duties, such as cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming, Bee-Clene offers many more in-depth cleaning services to get your office bright and immaculate:

We Service The Following Businesses and Facilities:

  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Medical Offices
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Banquet Halls