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May 6, 2017

Bee-Clene has been my go to cleaning service for many years. Owner, Patty is personable, easy to talk to and she communicates! I have sent her crews to clean move-out rentals for some of my clients, and I have used here cleaning services (windows included) here at my home.

Her efficient workers are polite and pleasant to have around.

Jane Story, Owner
Handyman Co-op

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you guarantee your cleaning services?

We guarantee our work. In return, all we ask is that when we have completed our job, you are at home to review the work. This way we can take care of something right away, ensuring you are happy before we leave your home.

Is it okay to tip the service person/persons that cleaned my home or carpet?

Am I able to call whenever I would like to have my home cleaned, or do I need to schedule a regular service?

What kind of blinds do you clean?

I just spilled (wine, coffee, juice) and stained my carpet. What should I do?

When is time to replace my carpet?

Do I need to vacuum before a carpet cleaning service?

Will you move my furniture before a carpet cleaning service?

What is the drying time when you clean my carpet?

Do you offer a mobile blind cleaning service?

Do you bring cleaning supplies or do I supply them?

I have children and/or pets. Are the cleaning products you use safe for our home environment?