A clean bedroom

Your bedroom is the place where you start your mornings and end your day. Because of this, keeping it clean and tidy is important to your overall health. If it is cluttered with too much stuff, it can negatively affect how you begin your day, as well as the quality of your sleep.

A clean, organized bedroom helps you feel calmer in the mornings. It is much easier to find your favorite shirt hung up in the closet, versus spending 20 minutes searching for it in random piles. And you will look more refreshed because you did not start your morning in a frenzied state.

Visually, clutter overstimulates your brain. When clutter is the last thing you see before going to bed, your brain interprets that as work that is not done. It makes it difficult to relax, therefore harder to fall asleep. A clean bedroom allows you to have a better night sleep.

With that reasoning, why would you not want to have an organized, tidy bedroom?

Your Mom Was Right

Start by making your bed in the morning. Your room will look better, even if there are other piles of clutter to tackle. In turn, this may get you to straighten up those piles. Also, starting with this one chore every day gives you a sense of accomplishment first thing in the morning. It has been stated that making your bed makes you more productive throughout the day.

More Space, Less Clutter

Do you feel that you do not have enough closet space or drawers for everything?

Placing a storage bench or ottoman at the foot of the bed is an excellent way to create additional space in your bedroom. Stash throws and extra blankets. You can also store out-of-season clothing, which will give you more closet space (and who doesn’t love that). Not only can it add an interesting detail to the room, but it is also a place to sit when putting on socks and shoes.

Just don't leave piles of clothes on it, because that defeats the purpose!

Vertical Space

If you have limited space on your dresser or nightstand, consider using your walls to show off a fabulous jewelry collection.

Hang a cork board lined with pretty fabric or linen. Then stick decorative pins on the board to drape necklaces. For earrings, use tacks and ribbon. String the ribbon across the length of the board, sticking tacks at even intervals. This creates a space for you to hang your earrings from the ribbon.

Not only will it look pretty, but allows you to see all the great pieces that you own. No more searching for the match for your earring or the hassle of tangled chains.

Divide and Conquer

When your dresser drawers are organized, it makes it easier to put clean clothes away. Take the time to put like items in the correct drawers. Once again, this saves valuable time in the morning when you know where to look for something.

Spring loaded dividers are a great way to keep undergarments, socks and all your favorite t-shirts arranged.

Just Do It

Don’t throw a pile of laundry on your bed or dresser. It only takes a few minutes to fold. Folding items the moment they come out of the dryer means you are not creating clutter or adding to any clutter in your bedroom.

These organizational steps will make your bedroom into a haven that you will love to start and end your day in.