Ceiling Fan

Dust accumulates on the blades of your fan and when you turn it on it knocks harmful allergens into the air. Cleaning your ceiling fan before using it this summer means your home will be cooler and healthier.

Using a pillowcase is the easiest, least messy method.

Get on a ladder and without overextending your arm, reach for a blade. Cover the blade with a pillowcase (as if you are putting a pillow inside the case). Place one hand on the top and your other hand on the bottom of the blade. Finally, pull the pillowcase towards you, making sure to run along the sides.

You are left with a clean fan blade. The best part is dust stays inside the pillowcase, not falling on the floor and furniture.

Window Screens

Opening windows and letting fresh air in is one of the best joys of summer. But if your screens are dirty, a breeze brings allergens and mold spores into your home. Cleaning your screens will make the air in your home healthier to breathe.

The best way to clean is to take screens down. Using a soft brush attachment (a hard attachment can damage your screen) gently vacuum both sides to get rid of dust. Then spray with a garden hose. Next, using a solution of warm water and vinegar, lightly scrub the screen to remove any grime left behind.

Let screens dry completely before reinstalling.

Stainless Steel Appliances

With kids at home all summer, your fridge, and other appliances are used more often throughout the day. If you have stainless steel appliances, this means more smudges and fingerprints.

Get rid of unsightly prints. First, use warm soapy water to clean outside surfaces. Then pour a little olive oil onto a cloth and buff the outside surface of the entire appliance until there is a thin, even layer. This will create a barrier to make the surface more resistant to fingerprints and smudges.

Add this routine regularly to your normal cleaning schedule to make your appliances shine.

Make Your Patio Furniture Inviting

Outdoor chairs and lounges get a lot of use during summer. Dirt, suntan lotion, and body oils linger on these surfaces. Fortunately, cleaning is easy. For most materials, just use warm soapy water and a damp sponge to scrub surfaces (check laundering instructions). An additional benefit is that your furniture will last longer.

Outdoor Lighting

Cleaning your outdoor lighting will provide more light, allowing you to enjoy summer evenings outside longer.

Use a cobweb duster to reach inner areas of your light fixtures. Then use an all-purpose cleaner (a vinegar and water solution works great) to wipe down all bulbs. You will love how bright your lights shine.

These cleaning tips will help you enjoy your home this summer. And if you live in Santa Cruz County and need help getting your home ready for summer, call Bee-Clene at 831-438-1111.