Benefect Botanical Disinfectant

Are you under the impression that green cleaning products do not have the ability to disinfect?

If so, you may not have heard of Benefect Botanical Disinfectant. At Bee-Clene, this is our favorite eco-friendly cleaning product that we use daily. And we can't wait to use it in your home.

Benefect is the only cleaner and disinfectant on the market made from pure plant botanicals. Thyme essential oil is the active ingredient, and this thyme is specially grown and blended for this product.

Current practices used to kill germs have created highly resistant and dangerous germs in just 60 years. And destroying these organisms require harsher, more toxic chemicals. Also, this leads to more complicated disinfecting systems.

Benfect uses nature’s way of cleaning.

Plants produce germ killing ‘essential oils’ to provide defense from invading microbes, much like how our bodies produce antibodies for our protection. For over 5,000 years, history has shown that microbes do not build up a tolerance or resistance to the antimicrobial action of essential oils. In fact, the amount of essential oils that is needed to destroy microbes has not changed in the course of history.

A Hospital Grade Disinfectant That is Safe to Use in Your Home

Benefect has the following properties:

• Bactericidal- destroys bacteria, including MRSA, commonly referred to as staph.
• Virucidal- kills viruses, including HIV1
• Fungicidal- destroys and stops the growth of fungus (mold and mildew)
• Tuberculocidal

Furthermore, this spray cleaner kills over 99.99% of germs it comes in contact with within 30 seconds. Because Benefect is a trusted cleaning product in health facilities, we know that it will kill harmful germs in your home. In addition, your house will be sparkling clean.

Disinfect Without Harmful Chemical Vapors

Benefect has the cleaning power of bleach, without the side effect of toxic fumes. As a deodorizer, it kills odor causing microorganisms. And because no synthetic scents or fragrances are added, all you smell is a natural, fresh scent when used.

As a result, Benefect will not harm family members that have respiratory issues due to asthma, allergies, and other illnesses. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grades this product safe and effective, also stating that this product does not harm the environment.

How We Use Benefect for Our Clients

Another reason that we love this product is because it is safe to use around your children and pets. Because of that, we use Benefect to clean a local kids camp. Weekly, after a round of kids leave, our cleaning team sprays Benefect on all of the bunk beds and also use it to clean the camp showers. To disinfect, we spray the product on a surface and let it air dry.

We can use Benefect to disinfect kitchen counters and bathrooms in your home. Since this green cleaning product is made from food grade materials, it is absolutely safe to use on surfaces that come into contact with food.

In addition to the disinfecting benefits, take advantage of getting rid of mildew in your home. Prior to your house cleaning service, let us know about any mildew problems in your home. During our scheduled cleaning, we will spray affected areas. Cleaning these areas with Benefect will get rid of mildew, as well as stop future growth.

If your home or office can benefit from a green cleaning service and Benefect, all you have to do is call Bee-Clene today at 831-438-1111.