Toys Need Cleaning Love

It’s inevitable that toys get dirty. But when is the last time you really cleaned them? If there is visible dirt or toys feel sticky, it's time for a good cleaning. And even if toys do not look dirty, you should always clean any toys handled prior before and during an illness.

Plastic Toys

For plastic toys that are small enough, you can easily wash them in the dishwasher. Put small toys and pieces inside a mesh laundry bag and place on the upper rack. Use detergent and run a hot water cycle. When finished, not only will toys be cleaned, they will be sanitized.

Wipe down larger plastic toys with a water-vinegar solution and air dry.

Fabric Toys

You can launder fabric toys stuffed with batting (do not wash toys stuffed with beading). Be careful washing toys that have glued on items, delicate pieces that are not removable, or older irreplaceable toys. Placing toys in a mesh laundry bag will add a layer of protection during washing.

Use the gentle cycle with cold or warm water and detergent. Lastly, hang to dry.

Bath Toys

Clean bath toys regularly. Body oils and bath water make these toys a haven for germs. Disinfecting them is easy. Wipe toys down with a water-vinegar solution and air dry.

Squeezable toys need a little extra care. It is important to squeeze all the water out. If not, water stays inside and mold grows.

Soak in a water-vinegar solution for 10 minutes. Again, make sure to squeeze all of the water out. Rinse with hot water and place toys upright to air dry. Ideally, store in a room that is less humid than the bathroom.

Don't Bring Sand in the House

Summertime hopefully means more time spent at the beach and playground. Which also means a higher occurrence of unwanted sand entering your home.

Whenever sand is involved, try this trick. Before coming into the house (or car) take some baby powder and sprinkle it wherever there is sand on your body. It will fall off your body because baby powder absorbs the moisture. This will leave sand where it belongs, outside!

And for any remaining sand left behind in your beach bag, use a lint roller to pick it all up.

Unwanted Wall Colorings

It happens. Kids love to draw on walls instead of their coloring books. Don't stress! Take non-gel toothpaste, rub onto the spot and let it sit for ten minutes. Next, use a cloth and rub in a circular motion on the spot until it disappears. This method works on crayons and markers.

Kid's Kicks

Kids like to run, play, and have fun. Because of that, their shoes take a beating. And you're left with dirty, scuffed up shoes to deal with.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to the rescue!

Just lightly mist an eraser with water from a spray bottle. Then rub on scuff marks and grimy dirt. Magically, your kid’s shoes will look like new and soles will be bright white. Better yet, there is no drying time involved. They can wear them immediately.

If you live in Santa Cruz County and need help cleaning up after the kids, call Bee-Clene at 831-438-1111.