Keep The Flu Out Of The Office This Year

Flu season is here. Even if you do everything possible to avoid being sick, it can be tough if you work in an office with multiple people. Unfortunately, influenza and cold viruses can live on hard surfaces for up to three days. Worse, a virus can be passed up to seven times.   

No wonder why it seems like everyone gets sick at work all at once.  Fortunately, there are pre-cautions. But following these measures will help keep your office safer during the flu season with fewer sick people.


Stay Home When You Are Ill


Some work environments make employees feel pressured to come to work when they are ill. The worst thing that you can do when you are sick is come to work. Studies show that germs spread quickly (in just a couple of hours), affecting the health and productivity within the office.


Instead, management should encourage people to stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone. At this point, you are no longer contagious. 


And if you are the boss, you need to set a good example and also stay at home when you are sick. Doing so shows employees that you are concerned about their health and the safety of their coworkers. It also encourages your staff to do the same, taking time to rest and get better.


Touch Point Cleaning


Even if you have a professional cleaning company, you still should regularly clean all touch points.


What are touch points? Doorknobs, light switches, faucets, coffee pot handles, and toilet handles are some of the most common ones in the office. When surfaces are not cleaned, bacteria count increases up to 31% per day.


Many hands touch these items repeatedly throughout the day, spreading that bacteria to other areas. Keep sanitizing wipes in the breakroom and restrooms and encourage employees to wipe down these areas as they come in contact with them.


Tissues & Sanitizer


It sounds so simple, but tissues cut down on the spread of germs when employees to cough or sneeze into them. Still, many people do not know how to properly cough or sneeze.


Send a friendly company email to all individuals. You can remind employees to wash their hands often during the season and most importantly, do not sneeze into the air or hands. Instead, use a tissue. 


Also, make sure that there is plenty of hand sanitizer around. Suggest that employees use it at the beginning of the morning to clean their desks, as well as the end of the day. Wipe telephones, keyboards, and the mouse, as well as exposed surfaces on the desktop. This will make for a cleaner, healthier workstation (and your office will look better too). 


Your staff will be healthier this year and happier when your office takes precautions this flu season.