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Parking Lot Cleaning That Will Boost Your Business's Curb Appeal

Often, the exterior of your building is the first impression of your business for clients. As a result, when the parking lot and grounds are not clean, it can send the wrong message. Potential customers may perceive that management does not care. In turn, this can lead to incorrectly pre-judging your business and the quality of services you provide.

Bee-Clene's parking lot sweeping and power washing services will make the outside appearance of your business stand out.
The exterior of your business should be clean, safe, and free of trash and debris. A small investment in regularly scheduled parking lot cleaning will provide a return on investment by helping with the following:

  • Decreases litter! Studies show that people are less likely to litter in cleaner parking lots.
  • Discourages loitering! A well-maintained lot shows there is clear evidence that the management/owner is on top of cleanliness and safety standards. As a result, people are less likely to lounge in your lot.
  • Deters rodents! Clean lots and garages mean there is less build-up of trash and debris that is a haven for insects and rodents.
  • Provides safety! When you have regularly scheduled outside cleaning, it helps reduce hazards that can be harmful to your customers.

How Bee-Clene Parking Lot Cleaning Services Can Help Your Business:

  • Make your parking lot look as good as the inside of your business. Parking lot/garage sweeping and cleaning cut down on litter and debris.
  • A buildup of leaves can become slippery and dangerous. Bee-Clene provides leaf blowing service.
  • Maintaining cleanliness of all garbage receptacles deters rodents and pests. We empty and reline all trash receptacles.
  • Clean the outside of shops and offices surrounding your parking structure. Bee-Clene can schedule monthly power washing for building storefronts.
Bee-Clene recognizes that your business is unique. Because of that, we will customize a flexible sweeping schedule designed for your business. Guidelines will be followed that address local noise restrictions, operating business hours, and traffic and parking patterns.

Our trained staff will provide you dependable service, while also maintaining a safe and welcoming parking lot for your guests.
If you are in need of these services, please call Bee-Clene at 831-438-1111 to schedule a free consultation. We will meet with you at your site to assess the cleaning requirements of your business parking lot.